Services By MarkParow.comSpecializing in eCommerce Consulting, We offer strategic advice and information related to web design, marketing, loyalty rewards programs and selling products and services on the Internet.

We are qualified and knowledgeable eCommerce professionals. Myself and our partners  are experience consultants as well as active business owners.

The key areas that differentiate us from other eCommerce consulting professionals is our business experience, concern for return on investment and commitment to customer service.

We provide our clients with services such as web site design, optimization, implementation and maintenance,  e-Commerce web solutions, inbound marketing campaigns, landing pages and blogs. We assist clients in setting up their eCommerce store, email accounts, the payment system, sales tax settings, shipping rates, product information and descriptions, marketing campaigns, search engine optimization and more…

My Business Experience
For the vast majority my 20 plus year professional business career, I have either managed a large department or owned a business. I consider this an extremely important qualification for the simple reason that I am well versed in the extraordinary effort that it takes not only to operate a business, but also to successfully compete in today’s business environment.

I am fully aware of the pressures associated with wearing many hats and working long hours. More importantly, I understand that dollars are scarce, and for every dollar spent on your business, a return is expected.

We focus on the single most important goal of business when consulting… Is your existing strategy, or one under consideration, designed to take advantage of the internet as you intend it to… and profitably? If you are responsible for the bottom line in your business, department or division you know that for every endeavor undertaken “return on investment” is an essential part of the equation.

Customer Service
I could go on and on with the vital necessity of good customer service to the success of a business. Instead, We’ll take the short route. The client pays the bills. The client does not exist to fulfill our business’s needs; our businesses exist to fulfill theirs. We are at the client’s disposal. We offer timely, personalized and competent customer service.

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